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It’s certainly been a while since we’ve posted anything but we’re still getting comments and tens of thousands unique hits per month. For those who have continued to visit and refer friends to checkout our news. reviews, and Rodds’ ongoing saga we thank you!

We’re doing a complete website overhaul which should be ready within the week. What do I mean by complete overhaul you ask? Our old system are vanishing and a completely new front-end with pretty amazing features will be presented to all of you. We’re also bringing in a website under the Gemtrix branding which has been in operation for the last few years.

Stay tuned!

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I started gaming at the age of 15. I've always been drawn towards MMORPGs and that's my main focus in the gaming industry. My First paid MMO was Earth and Beyond, man do I miss that game. My second paid MMORPG was Star Wars Galaxies, when it first launched. I won't go into details regarding the rise and fall of SWG but I will say I have not found a game, personally, that fits my sandbox style game-play.

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